Just Peacemaking: the new paradigm for the ethics of peace and war (Pilgrim Press, 2008)

What are the causes of violence and war in the world? Is there anything we can do to eliminate the violence, short of inflicting more violence? Dr. Glen H Stassen and his team of 23 scholars have come up with ten practical steps to reduce or eliminate violent conflict around the world.  Originally published in 1998, the book is now in its third publication. Academics and practitioners have had some time to implement and observe the outcomes of Stassen’s recommendations.  Many examples of their findings are included in the pages of this book.

Dr. Stassen passed away April 26, 2014, but his work lives on in his writings and in the many people who are looking for the root causes of conflict and war.  Dr. Stassen has given us a useful framework through which to evaluate our participation in war, some have called it a third alternative to Just War Theory and pacifism. David Gushee, in a tribute to Dr. Stassen, said he was a “pioneering theorist in the field of Christian ethics.”  I think you will find this book insightful and challenging as we “seek peace and pursue it.”