Hedayah Helps Counteract Violent Extremism

The Washington Post
October 21, 2014

Based in the UAE, Hedayah was formed in 2011 to research and counter violent extremism.  David Ignatius describes four methods they use to do so.

  • They work within the educational systems to prevent violent extremism
  • They work to de-redicalize prisoners
  • They tell the stories of victims of terrorism as a counter-narrative
  • They use social media to monitor and combat violent extremism.

Ignatius concludes;

“Let’s be honest: It’s too late to stop the radicalization of Islamic State fighters. The battle to “degrade and ultimately destroy” those recruits, unfortunately, will now be waged with Apache gunships and drones. But maybe their younger brothers and cousins can be deterred from violent extremism by programs like the ones that Hedayah is promoting.”