A Thoughtful Christian Response to IRIS by Carl Medearis

Carl Medearis
September 10, 2014

Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.


As the country gears up to “do-something” about ISIS, some are asking if Jesus has anything to say about responding to terrorists.  Carl Medearis notes that Jesus was Middle Eastern and understood the culture.  He knew terrorists that hated the Roman superpower and acted violently to oppose it.  How would Jesus counsel his followers to respond?  Of course, not everyone follows Jesus, so not everyone cares what his counsel might be.  Many who choose to not follow Jesus’ counsel dismiss it as naive or uninformed. But Jesus came to show us a new way to respond, a way that breaks the cycles of retribution and reconciles all things…in time. Perhaps, we are so far into this, the government needs to “wield the sword” but can we respond in a way that makes allies of the next generation instead of perpetuating this need for bombs and blood? I think Carl points out a few things that followers of Jesus need to consider.  Wouldn’t it be “good news” if we could learn to live together in peace?