In the Spring Peace Catalyst applied for a grant to supplement food boxes for refugees with fresh Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) boxes of organic vegetables. My son and his family wanted to participate so they planted tomatoes on their small farm in OWEN county. Then COVID diverted the grant money to other more pressing issues.

The tomatoes are a little late this year due to a late frost, but Kirk and his wife Meghan and my four grandchildren Joshua, Ariel, Eleazar, and Shirley all helped plant, harvest, pack, and deliver over 600 regular and cherry tomatoes to South Louisville Community Ministries. It was a great opportunity to bless others who don’t have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

When I delivered the tomatoes to Clare Rutz-Wallace, the director of the center, there was a room full of dry goods being prepped for pick-ups the following day. “The people love fresh produce,” Clare told me.

Susan and I have subscribed to receive CSA produce boxes from “A Place on Earth CSA Farm” for a couple of years. During the growing season, we receive boxes of whatever is in season. If it’s a good growing season, we get a lot! If the weather does not cooperate, we don’t get as much. In this way, we take a risk with the farmer. It’s worth it to us and we are blessed to have the resources to participate. It is grown nearby meaning there is not a lot of fuel spent delivering the product and it supports the local economy. If you are a Wendall Berry fan, you will understand the logic and passion to support local agriculture.

Peace Catalyst is applying for a couple of grants to buy CSA boxes for refugees and other neighbors who receive help from the community service providers. We are hoping to supplement the canned and prepackaged groceries our neighbors normally receive with fresh vegetables from local farms. It seems like a win-win. Those suffering from too few resources get fresh produce that will help their health and the CSAs get funding to grow their produce and sustain their businesses. AND, it’s good for the environment.