Jim Wallace is promoting his new book, “Christ in Crisis? Reclaiming Jesus in a Time of Fear, Hate, and Violence.” I’m sure the conversation is needed, but at the moment, I cannot handle more bad news about the church and society and more calls for me to do something about it. I see the headlines, and I want to check out or take a nap. Some call it self-care or avoiding burnout, but sometimes it feels like defeat.

Want some good news? Muslims and Christians are becoming friends. They are working together on things they both care about. They are learning to love God and their neighbors, and it is life-giving. The spirit of God is present, the friendships are genuine and deep, and the world is a little better because people are becoming friends and working together to love each other and those around them.

Peace Catalyst sees this all the time. Talk to any of our 35 people – in 17 cities across three countries – and they will tell you the same thing: When we focus on the best traditions of our respective faiths, we really do have good news for the poor, sight for the blind, and freedom for the prisoners. There is abundant joy as we keep our eyes on Jesus and follow his example and teachings as closely as we can.